As you probably know, Facebook has launched Timeline and until March 30, you will have time to get familiar with the design and its possibilities before Facebook forces it on you. Although some people have a negative attitude toward the design, I believe it offers brands an interesting way of becoming a social persona. Moreover, brand marketers need to pay attention to the new possibilities in terms of advertising.

Based on Facebook’s presentation, I will explain the new ad options to you. First, instead of the Classic Premium Ads, Facebook will introduce fully-upgraded Premium Ads that are generated from your Fan Page’s content. This means that the following ads are no longer available: Premium Like (Photo & Video), Premium Event (Photo & Video), Video Comment and Premium Poll (Photo & Video). Facebook states that content generated from a brand’s Fan Page will show significantly improved performance. For example, there will be a 40% increase in user engagement, 80% more likely to be remembered and 16% increase in fan rates. Additionally, the Premium Ads increase a user’s purchase intent, according to Facebook.

User engagement can now be established directly via the ads. How? People are now able to directly like the ad or comment on it, without having to visit the actual page. And because this requires less effort, Facebook members are more likely to use this function.

Furthermore, Facebook promises that the ads are “more social for friends of fans,” meaning, if a user that sees your ad has friends who are fans of your page, Facebook will instantly connect social context about those friends. This will lead to a personalized touch of the ad and thus encourage users to engage.

The six upgraded Premium Ad types include: Photo, Video, Question, Status, Event and Link. These ads allow you to create a variety of ads that will appeal to different groups of people. Use multiple types and discover which ones work best for your brand.

Another feature that should get marketers’ attention is the ad called “Offers.” This basically lets brands share special deals, discounts, etc. with Facebook fans. Once the Offer is posted on your Timeline, fans can redeem it and use it the next time they make a purchase. It’s a fact that coupons are successful tools to engage users and drive traffic, so if you’re willing to offer any deals, Facebook enhances the distribution.

Finally, you can use the Reach Generator to make sure that your ad will be seen by 75% of your Page’s fans. Currently, Facebook estimates that the reach is around 16% on average, which makes the Reach Generator a very interesting tool.

The number one social network is doing its best to improve ad services and is likely to continue this ambition in the coming months. So marketers: keep track of Facebook’s ads developments!

Are you using any of the new Facebook ads?