One of the most popular social networks is the micro-blogging network Twitter. Are you an active Twitter user? If so, then I suggest you keep on reading, because there might be a few things that you haven’t discovered yet.
There is an official Twitter blog on the website that keeps Twitter users up to date on news and tips.  You also have Twitter apps that promise you more followers on Twitter. But if you’re a loyal user, you’re probably already aware of all these things. What don’t you know about Twitter yet? The following should give you some interesting new insights about Twitter:

–          Have you ever used the advanced search option “Refine Results”? The majority of Twitter users don’t use this option because they’re quite satisfied with the regular search, or it’s due to a lack of time. This doesn’t change the fact that refining your results can be a lot more effective when looking for a specific tweet.

–          Are you aware you can use Twitter keyboard shortcuts? Just in case you prefer using a keyboard to navigate over mouse-clicking, Twitter offers keyboard shortcuts. For example, you can use the J key to scroll to the next tweet or the R key to reply to tweets.

–          Did you know you can select tweets to go to your Facebook wall? I’m not talking about directly connecting the two network accounts, but about a select number of tweets you wish to post on Facebook. If you don’t have the time to do both, make sure you’re logged into each network in the web browser and that you have installed the Selective Tweets app. All you have to do now is end every tweet you wish to post on Facebook with #fb.

–          Do you know what the hashtag #longreads is used for? The hashtag is pretty much self-explanatory. If you enjoy (or prefer) longer stories at times, this is the hashtag you should use in Twitter’s search. The topics are very diverse, which means that there’s something for everyone to read.

–          Now answer this: can you track packages via Twitter? Yes! Here’s how it works: You have to follow @TrackThis and send it a direct message that includes your tracking number. TrackThis will instantly follow you back so it can also send you direct messages and provide you with your package’s status updates. This service is a very innovative step for package delivery companies like UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS. This also influences their public image. It shouldn’t be too long before other companies find a way to use Twitter to provide services other than customer service.

–          Fun fact 1: On January 22nd 2010, the first Tweet from space was sent by @Astro_TJ.

–          Fun fact 2: Twitter was originally launched publicly as “Twttr” in July 2006.

–          Fun fact 3: According to Sysomos, the biggest Twitter population is New York City, followed by Los Angeles, Toronto and San Francisco.

These tips and fun facts probably aren’t mentioned in a basic Twitter guide. These guides mainly answer questions like “What is Twitter?” and “How do I set up a profile?”: important questions for newbies indeed, but for those who are already familiar with Twitter and have watched the platform grow over time, these fun facts can be refreshing.

Do you have any more Twitter tips you would like to share? Please leave a comment!