“Facebook marketing” has become a common term among social media marketers. One important understanding of this is that every brand that has a Facebook Fan Page is determined to increase the likes. Indeed, the number of likes can boost your image (if the number is high, of course). On top of this, Facebook users are more likely to ‘like’ a page when the page already has a lot of likes. Having a large number of likes also has a major effect on SEO, which explains why brands are so interested in how to get as many as possible. Once you have convinced users to like your page, what happens next? You have to keep users returning to your company’s page. Do this right, and you can reach maximum engagement on Facebook, which should also be one of your Facebook marketing goals.

Now you know the importance of Facebook likes, I can give you a few tips on how to increase it:

–          Email signature: You can put a “like our Facebook page” in your email signature and add a direct link to your Facebook fan page. With this, you’re promoting the Fan page to the people who are already familiar with your brand (given the fact that they are on your email list) and are very likely to support it.

–          Business cards: Business cards are things you (have to) carry with you at all times because you never know who you might run into. When handing one out, it can simply say, “Like us on Facebook.”

–          Like buttons: Add a “like” button to your website and blog posts or any online content you offer.

–          Other social networks: Use other social networks (e.g. Twitter or LinkedIn, or even annotations in your YouTube videos) to promote your Facebook Fan page and encourage the people in these networks to click the like button. It’s not uncommon to refer to a social network page using another profile, so don’t hesitate to do so!

–          Create an inviting landing page: This takes a more creative aptitude than the previous two tips because you need to have some serious design skills or hire someone who does. The landing page is important, because it’s the first thing that users see when they visit your Facebook Fan page and should therefore look very appealing and interesting, yet simple. You don’t want the page to look cluttered. Make sure the landing page design is in sync with your website to maintain consistency.

Some companies add a “like us to see more” text box as an incentive, which basically means that the full page options become accessible once users have clicked the like button. Whether this is something you can do depends on what you’re willing to offer users in return for their likes. This could be a discount coupon or a free sample or something like that.

You can also use Facebook’s own advertising system to promote your Fan page. Facebook offers a few different ways of advertising. Find out what’s best for your brand, or combine the different advertising tools, it’s your choice.

You also have apps that use a “points offering system.” You’ll receive points by liking other brands’ pages, which you can offer to those who wish to like your Fan page. Similar to the buying likes option, these apps will get you more likes, but not necessarily valuable likes. There is also no guarantee that these users will not unlike your page on the short term. Moreover, due to the fact that these aren’t sincere likes, you’ll never know what kind of comments they will leave on the Fan page.

Keep all this in mind before you decide. Hopefully you found these tips useful and I would love to hear about your favorite ways to increase Facebook likes!