It is very likely you’ve come across infographics while surfing the internet. Infographics (short for information graphics) are a new way of visually presenting information to your audience. They are mostly used to avoid full pages of texts and percentages, which can be very confusing to the reader. Their popularity continues to grow as they stand out to the reader—and companies recognize this. Infographics are appealing to any audience due to their design, their use of colors, figures, icons, and the fact connections can be pointed out between different pieces of information. All of these factors make it very easy for people to understand an infographic; and if content is easily grasped, people are more likely to remember the information.

How are infographics and business related?

As a company, one of your main goals is to generate web traffic and create brand awareness. Infographics can help you achieve this. For example: if you have conducted any type of research, use an infographic to present its results instead of a text-filled web page. Below you will find some tips on how to use infographics:

–          Use business related content: Always make sure that the content is related to your business or else it doesn’t make sense to publish it on your company’s website.

–          Promotion: Promoting the infographic is very important. Use different channels to do this; for example, email lists and blog posts or other social networks.

If you regularly publish infographics, make sure you always provide valuable content. This is a chance for your company to differentiate from other competitors. Always be sure to pay attention to every detail—from a designer’s point of view to an editor’s. When executed properly, people will acknowledge your expertise.

More benefits of using infographics include:

–          Sharing: If the content carries value and quality, people will share it with those in their professional and personal networks. Furthermore, making it easy for other to share your infographic is important as well, so provide multiple sharing options.

–          Generating web traffic: Adding a link to your website and your company’s social network profiles increases web traffic.

–          Brand recognition: Other experts might benefit from the use of your infographic to support their own content and republish it. This is a perfect way of promoting your infographic and getting recognition, and will only enhance your credibility.

–          SEO: It may be an image, but infographics have an influence on your search engine ranking. Why? Because it’s link bait. This means that as long as you’re hosting the infographic on your domain, it will work to your benefit as you will get more links that source your website.

When you decide to use infographics, I hope you will find these tips useful and if you have questions or remarks, feel free to leave a comment.