For those who haven’t seen it yet, Twitter has launched its new design! Now it’s time to figure out what the new and improved features are and what this change means for the business world. With the new design, Twitter now offers “brand pages.” Brands can now market their products and services on Twitter in a way similar to Facebook’s fan pages. Companies used to be limited to a regular profile where they could only mention their products in the form of a tweet or a shortened URL that was linked to a landing page. A lot of companies use Twitter for consumer interactions too.

For some consumers, sending a message to a brand through Twitter is more convenient than email or a phone call. The new design still allows for all of this, but by adding the brand pages, they have taken it a step further. It’s about time Twitter created more marketing options for brands. Companies like American Express, Best Buy, Verizon Wireless and Nike are just a few of the launch partners for the pages.

What do Twitter’s brand pages have to offer? First of all, you will notice that the brand pages have a bigger heading section. In other words, brands can really stand out from the crowd by using a bigger heading and even adding their company’s logo.  It’s a simple change, but nonetheless effective. The business profiles also have a special “promoted tweet,” which allows brands to customize a tweet for first-time visitors. Some call it the “featured tweet” while others call it a “pinned post”. The tweet is conveniently placed at the top of the profiles and enables brands to drive traffic to any external content they want such as the brand’s official website, video content, a landing page, promotions, etc. You should be very creative in the presentation of this content, since it will affect the first impression of your visitors. The “connect” section shows all the @mentions, retweets, @replies, followers and users who have categorized one of your tweets as a personal favorite. What’s new is that you can now separate the @mentions and the @replie, giving you a better overview.

One of the best additions to Twitter is the option to embed a tweet on your company’s website. By highlighting your best or favorite tweet you’ll give visitors the chance to click on the tweet and become one of your followers. So make sure that you highlight the most captivating tweet. This is a great way to increase the number of followers and get attention from visitors; not to mention it’s also an original addition to your website.

Another Twitter change can be found in the “discovery” section. It offers customized news suggestions to users, based on their interests and location. According to Twitter, it becomes more personalized as you use it. Brand marketers can use this to find out what interests are linked to their product or services and use this information for future consumer engagements.

I think it’s great that Twitter offers brand pages. Hopefully more brands will start using it. I would like to know what you think of the new Twitter and its brand pages, so feel free to leave a comment!