Your company needs an advertising agency to set up a marketing campaign for your new product or brand. Finding the right one is going to take some effort because there are so many advertising and PR agencies out there. You have every right to be very picky in this matter. Putting your product or brand in the hands of someone else shouldn’t be taken lightly. Maybe the ‘perfect’ match doesn’t exist, but you can find an agency that comes very close.
First, you should ask friends and colleagues for recommendations. If they are not in the same industry as you are, ask them what ad campaigns they like best. Locate the agencies responsible for these campaigns and figure out whether they work with companies in your field. Also let agencies know you are looking for a campaign developer by using an agency head hunter, because this will expand your list.

Part of being picky is narrowing down the list of agencies you’d like to work with. Before you interview an agency, you should have an idea of what kinds of questions to ask to see whether your business would be a good match for their expertise. By the end of an interview with an ad agency, you should be able to see:

1)      What it can offer you in terms of expertise (video editors, graphic designers, networks, etc.).

2)      Past campaigns (look at: creativity, versatility, tone, level of success, etc.).

3)      References (more on this later).

4)      Its perspective on your brand/product: they need to understand and support your brand and its goals.


Most of these points, if not all, should match your needs.

I also think it’s wise to talk about the work culture and the methods they plan to use to market your business. Do their plans seem like a good fit for the product or service you offer?


The best thing you can do for your business is hire an experienced ad agency that has experience working with your field. In my opinion, that knowledge could save a lot of time (e.g. no extra research)!
When you ask for an agency’s references, follow up with their clients to see if the clients were satisfied with the results and the agency’s professionalism. Ask for more than one client referral, because you should always get a second opinion.
And finally, to avoid any inconvenience, negotiating a flexible contract could save you from drama. There is always a possibility that the agency you picked doesn’t meet your expectations. A flexible contract could serve as your safety net.  Hopefully you won’t need it, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
Once again: be picky and trust your instincts when you decide which agency fits you best. Good luck!