If you want your new website to be made by a professional (and we think you should), you’ll see that there are a lot of web designers out there, many of them very capable, so you might choose the first one who seems to fit you. However, no matter how great a designer is, he or she may not be a good fit for you. A beautiful, smart, and nice girl will not automatically form a great couple with a handsome, clever, and kind man – a certain alchemy is needed.  The same goes for your company and a web designer: the latter needs to understand what you want and need in order to deliver results that won’t disappoint you. Below are some tips for choosing a web designer.

The first step is to figure out what you need: do you need a simple website or an e-commerce website?  What do you want your website to highlight? How many pages do you need? How you would like the website to look? You also need to figure out what is your budget for such a website, but remember that paying extra money could be a great value if your website draws more customers to your business.

The next step is to look at web designers. You should first take a look at the top designers, both nationally and worldwide. They have enough experience and expertise to be trusted. When you are examining their portfolios, you want to make sure of a few things: Is there variety among the sites (the mark of an adaptable designer)? Do they have experience in your field? Can you afford to pay their rates?  Do you want to stay or buy something on the websites they built? Are these websites intuitive and professional? Are they aesthetically appealing? These are the questions that will allow you to narrow the field to a small number of candidates. The physical location of these designers isn’t important. The best designers know how to work with clients they can’t meet in person, so location shouldn’t be an issue.

To decide between the remaining agencies, you’ll have to contact them. When contacting them, remember that a web designer will be for several days or weeks like your employee. So you should view this first contact as an interview. From a technical standpoint, you want to make sure that he or she has solid knowledge of Photoshop, CSS3, and HTML5 and the ability to build a good website viewable on any web browser such as IE, Google Chrome, or Firefox. But you also need to be certain that the association between your company and your web designer will be a good match: Will he or she respect your ideas? Is he or she creative enough to make good suggestions if you don’t have any idea about what you want? Does he or she understand your business needs?

If you follow this advice, we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect web designer for you. A great website is an effective way to make first contact with many potential clients!

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